Gary R. Stroutsos

Distant Shores is an innovative collection of original compositions performed in a solo format. These works add to the growing awareness for the modern Native American Flute.

"I believe the flute is one of history's oldest solo instruments. The flute has a wealth of traditions and styles spanning many generations. I connect with the sound of every style of flute. It is similar to the human voice, our most ancient instrument.

"I've always been drawn to the ocean to compose and find my sound. The atmosphere is a creative environment. The movement of water and its sounds create an ambiance like no other place I know"

Gary Stroutsos

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Gary R. Stroutsos
Distant Shores
  • 2. Puye Ruins
  • 3. High Desert Reflections
  • 4. Palace of the Governors
  • 5. Mr. Littlechild
  • 6. The Coves
  • 7. Shi Shi Beach
  • 8. Mia Irene
  • 9. Mr. Newton
  • 10. Alki Moods
  • 11. Tears for Rahsaad
  • 12. Distant Shores Sunrise / Sunset