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Pro Tools HD Accel

with Massive Pack — unleashes incredible power for your recording and your mix.

Using all the great outboard gear of the industry including Analog warmth, Endless Reverbs that have sampled spaces (such as the Ryman, sampled for killer reverbs), EQ's that zone into the tracks to give them that Professional edge, effects that put a signature sound on your instruments.

Kentridge Jazz Band
25 Players

Hey Pro Tools LE users!

You saved the money on recording — now get your project up to industry standards by mixing with the Acoustic Chambers and all the tools that come with the Pro Tools HD Accel Massive Pack.

You've worked hard — now deliver the industry the sound they require.

Acoustic Chambers - Puget Sound's premier recording facility since 1978


Your Step to Success

  • 2000 sq. ft facility
  • Neumann Microphones
  • Neve Pre-amps
  • Urei & DBX compressors
  • Great studio vibe and staff

Give Acoustic Chambers a call at (253) 639-0896