Lee Anderson

Country / Southern Rock - "Best Traditional Country CD I have heard in years" Gary Bradshaw – Western Heart Productions. This CD is currently charting in Europe, as Nashville awaits. The Credits on this CD read like a who's who of Seattles finest studio musicians.

Take an artist with stone-cold Country roots, mix in some Blues with heavy doses of Southern Rock, and you have one of the Northwest's premier singer/songwriters. Lee Anderson is an exciting, brazen performer taking the best interests of his audience to heart at all times. After picking up his first guitar at the age of 9, he knew music was his calling.

He began writing poetry and songs at an early age, and as he matured, the music blossomed. While performing as a teenager, the seriousness in music became even more evident. As an Army soldier in Korea, Lee continued to sing and write. In addition, he was rewarded for his vocal abilities in a country-wide talent search for which he was given the opportunity to perform for 15,000 soldiers in a concert in Seoul. While still in Korea he sold many of his songs to USO touring bands which were eventually used on numerous recordings.

After leaving the Army, Lee moved to his adopted hometown of Ellensburg, Washington. Living in the small Eastern Washington town gave him the chance to become close with the surprisingly strong music scene. In his efforts, he played with virtually every band in the area all the while honing his skills as both a songwriter and performer.

Just after earning bachelor degrees in History and Social Sciences from Central Washington University, Lee found hardship in the death of his mother in late 1997. However, he persevered through the adversity to write, co-produce, and help engineer a remarkable original country CD, "Life On The Fence." When the CD went into production, performing took a back seat. However, he was still fortunate to receive the calling to open for the Kingston Trio and Delbert McLinton in 1998.

"Life On The Fence" was released in May 1999, and has been soaring ever since. In playing the clubs, fairs, and festivals throughout the Pacific Northwest, Lee is making his mark as a solo artist throughout the region and now the world!!! In July of this year, he signed with Gary Bradshaw and Western Heart Promotions out of Phoenix, AZ. Currently, Lee is receiving widespread airplay and climbing the indie charts in over 18 European countries, Australia, Northern Africa, and the U.S. ; over a total of 170 radio stations. In combining the talents of his backup band "90 Proof", their fan base is ever-growing, and they are sure to continue impacting the Country Music scene in the Pacific Northwest and hopefully the world

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Lee Anderson
Life On The Fence
  • 1. Gospel According To Luke
  • 2. Hank Williams Shoes
  • 3. Split'Chya
  • 4. Why Was I So Wrong To Love You So Right
  • 5. B-Line
  • 6. Angel Without Wings
  • 7. The One That I Love
  • 8. Barroom Hardened Body
  • 9. Your Arms Don't Hold Me
  • 10. Living To Love