Singer/Songwriter CathiLee has spent most of her life in the arts. Her early influences set the stage for her future. Born in Utah, she was very involved in performing at church events. A classical ballet dancer at the age of four, she performed with major tour groups out of New York, and was considered a protegee. Then at the age of ten a serious illness of a family member changed the course of her performing career and she gave up dancing. After many changes in her life that included nursing school, marriage and children, she was inspired to begin performing again. After coming to Seattle in 1979 she put together a "band" and began performing in local "hot spots". She was very successful in the performing arena, but her primary dream was to be an accomplished singer/songwriter.

In 1982, she released an original tune "Love Struck" which was played on all the major local radio stations, sold in local music stores and was considered a regional hit. She was offered a touring contract, but chose instead to stay home with her two young children. She continued to write original songs that she performed on stage, she liked to "market test" her songs. Five years ago she decided to put these songs to CD and work toward realizing her dream. Her songwriting has been influenced by years of playing "cover" tunes in every venue and her desire to inspire her listeners with her songs. Four of her songs were submitted to Billboard's Songwriter Contest and she received awards for all four of the songs. King Vac Productions writes " CathiLee's 'Let's Dance on the Moon' has my vote for country album of the year, includes her former hit 'Love Struck'. No one does country like CathiLee".

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Let's Dance On The Moon
  • 1. Let's Dance On The Moon
  • 2. Someone I Used To Know
  • 3. Love Struck
  • 4. Love Me Again
  • 5. If I Had A Dollar
  • 6. Sing To Your Heart
  • 7. Don't Blame Me
  • 8. I Think I Remember You
  • 9. The Roadkill King
  • 10. The Great White Blackbird
  • 11. LoveStruck (Intsrumental)