Aggressive Nature

Aggressive Nature is all about one thing.. Powerful, dynamic music. With influences that run from classical to all out rock, Aggressive Nature has a sound all their own. The Northwest's best kept secret is about to be revealed with the release of their debut CD Storm Coming. Already garnering attention from the industry through their website and unforgettable live perfomances Aggressive Nature is doing it right with great music, talented musicians, pro attitude and sharp business sense. Look for Aggressive Nature to be tearing it up at a venue near you.

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Aggressive Nature
Storm Coming
  • 1. Killing Fields
  • 2. Prison In The Shadows
  • 3. Forgotten Soul
  • 4. Couch Potato
  • 5. Storm Coming
  • 6. Bradley
  • 7. Sleeping With Paranioa
  • 8. Don't Ask Me
  • 9. The Player
  • 10. You Had Love
  • 11. One Too Many
  • 12. Instrumental One